Contact information

Jie Heng Ph.D.


2006-2010Sichuan Agricultural University, B.S.

2010-2015Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D.

2015-presentSchool of Medicine, Tsinghua University, Postdoc

Main Reaearch Fields

Combine multiple complementary biophysical techniques, including smFRET, solution NMR and PRE, to investigate the structural dynamics and signaling modulation of GPCR-G protein/GRKs/Arrestin complex.

Selected Publications

1. Heng J, Zhao Y, Liu M, Liu Y, Fan J, Wang X, Zhao Y, and Zhang X C. (2015) Substrate-bound structure of the E. coli multidrug resistance transporter MdfA. Cell research. 25, 1060-1073

2. Zhang, X.C., Zhao, Y., Heng, J., and Jiang, D. (2015). Energy coupling mechanisms of MFS transporters. Protein Sci. 24, 1560–1579.

3. Jiang, D., Zhao, Y., Wang, X., Fan, J., Heng, J., Liu, X., Feng, W., Kang, X., Huang, B., Liu, J., et al. (2013). Structure of the YajR transporter suggests a transport mechanism based on the conserved motif A. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 110, 14664–14669.

4. Fan, J., Heng, J., Dai, S., Shaw, N., Zhou, B., Huang, B., He, Z., Wang, Y., Jiang, T., Li, X., et al. (2011). An efficient strategy for high throughput screening of recombinant integral membrane protein expression and stability. Protein Expression and Purification 78, 6–13.