Contact information

Dong Jiang Ph.D.

2019 China Postdoctoral Science Foundation funded
2019 Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar, Tsinghua University
2018 National Scholarship


2010-2014School of Life Sciences,Xiamen University B.S.

2014-2019School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University Ph.D.

2019-PresentSchool of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University Postdoc

Main Reaearch Fields

Migrasome biology. Migrasome is a newly discovered vesicular organelle by our lab, my research is focus on the establishment of animal models for migrasome study, and reveal the physiological and pathological function of migrasomes in embryo development, tumor metastasis and immune response

Selected Publications

1.Dong Jiang#, Zheng Jiang#, Di Lu, Xuan Wang, Haisha Liang, Junfeng Zhang, Yaping Meng, Ying Li, Danni Wu, Yuwei Huang, Yuling Chen, Haiteng Deng, Qing Wu, Jingwei Xiong, Anming Meng*, Li Yu* (2019). Migrasomes provide regional cues for organ morphogenesis during zebrafish gastrulation. Nature cell biology 21, 966-977.