Contact information

Jiwan Ge Ph.D.


2009-2013School of Life Science, Shandong University B.S.

2013-2019School of Life Science, Tsinghua University Ph.D.

2019-PresentSchool of Life Science, Tsinghua University Postdoc

Main Reaearch Fields

I mainly focused on structural biology of the interleukin 1 (IL-1) signaling complex. Combined with x-ray crystallography, biochemical, other biophysical technologies (small angle x-ray scattering, NMR) and cell-based functional assays, I hope to elucidate the mechanism of IL-1-mediated host immune response.

Selected Publications

1.Jiwan Ge*, Soumya G. Remesh*, Michal Hammel, Si Pan, Andrew D. Mahan, Shuying Wang, and Xinquan Wang. Functional relevance of the intrinsic linker flexibility of IL-1 receptors in cytokine binding and signaling. Structure. 2019. 27: 1296-1307