Contact information

Yingxian Lu Ph.D.

2019 Advanced Innovation Fellow, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Structural Biology
2017 Chinese government award for outstanding self-financed students abroad, China Scholarship Council
2017 Outstanding student paper finalist, IEEE MEMS 2017
2016 Best oral paper, PowerMEMS 2016
2012 Scholarship for outstanding students (Zhang Mingwei Scholarship), Tsinghua University
2010 Outstanding graduate, Outstanding graduation thesis (4/240), Beihang University,
2005 First prize (the 7th place in Henan Province), Chinese Chemical Academy national chemistry contest for senior high school students (provincial competition area)


2009-2010Lab of Microwave electronics, Beihang University Bachelor's degree

2010-2010Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences Internship

2012-2014Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University Master's degree

2014-2015ESIEE Paris / ESYCOM / Université Paris Est for a SATT-IDFINNOV project, Researcher

2015-2018ESIEE Paris / ESYCOM / Université Paris Est, Ph.D.

2018-presentSchool of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University Postdoc researcher

Main Reaearch Fields

The study of the interaction between biological structures and specific forms of non-ionizing electromagnetic waves. The interaction between the biological structures and various forms of electromagnetic waves is studied through electronic assay.

Selected Publications

1. Y Lu, J Juillard, F Cottone, D Galayko & P Basset, “An impact-coupled MEMS electrostatic kinetic energy harvester and its predictive model taking nonlinear air damping effect into account”, Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 2018

2. Y Lu, F Marty, D Galayko, JM Laheurte & P Basset, “A power supply module for autonomous portable electronics: ultralow-frequency MEMS electrostatic kinetic energy harvester with hierarchical comb structure reducing air damping”, Microsystems & Nanoengineering, 2018

3. Y Lu, M Capo-Chichi, Y Leprince-Wang & P Basset, “A flexible electrostatic kinetic energy harvester based on electret films of electrospun nanofibers”, Smart Materials & Structures, 27 014001, 2018

4. Y Lu, P Basset, JM Laheurte, “Performance evaluation of a long-range RFID tag powered by a vibration energy harvester”, IEEE Anttena & Wireless Propagation Letters, 16(1): 1832-1835, 2017

5. Y Lu, E O'Riordan, F Cottone, S Boisseau, D Galayko, E Blokhina, F Marty & P Basset, “A batch- fabricated electret-biased wideband MEMS vibration energy harvester with frequency-up conversion behavior powering a UHF wireless sensor node” Journal of Micromechanics & Microengineering, 26(12): 124004, 2016

6. Y Lu, F Cottone, S Boisseau, F Marty, D Galayko & P Basset, “A nonlinear MEMS electrostatic kinetic energy harvester for human-powered biomedical devices” Applied Physics Letters, 107(25): 253902, 2015