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Peijun Zhang Ph.D.

University of Oxford | Professor

Main Reaearch Fields

Our research is aimed at understanding molecular mechanisms of cellular machines and assemblies using an integrated approach by combining three-dimensional cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM), with biochemical, biophysical, computational and molecular biology methods. CryoEM is a powerful tool for structure determination of large protein complexes and macromolecular assemblies, and conformational changes to provide structural snapshots along dynamic processes, as well as 3D architecture of normal and disease cells under their native conditions. Current research efforts in our lab are directed to:

1. HIV-1 capsid assembly, maturation, and interactions with host cell factors;

2. Bacterial chemotaxis sensory arrays;

3. CryoEM technology development, including correlative microscopy, cryo-FIB/SEM and genetically taggable EM probe for 3D localization.