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Neclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

<p> <br /> </p> <p> The biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facility at Tsinghua University is a key component of Tsinghua University's Protein Technology Center. The facility consists of two state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers including a Bruker AVANCE III HD 800 MHz and a Bruker AVANCE III HD 600 MHz, both equipped with a TCI cryoprobe and an autosampler. These two spectrometers are open for academic users in and out of Tsinghua University, providing efficient and convenient service of NMR data acquisition and analysis. </p> <p> <br /> </p> <p> These NMR spectrometers are ideally suited for </p> <p> Structure determination of proteins and nucleic acids in solution state </p> <p> Characterizing dynamics of biomolecules over a broad range of timescales </p> <p> Studying interaction between biomacromolecules and ligands </p> <p> Drug screening targeting proteins and nucleic acids </p> <p> <br /> </p> <p> By these NMR studies, it is possible to correlate structure and dynamics of biomolecules closely with their diverse functions. In addition, using this facility we are able to train a group of experts proficient in NMR theory, methodology development and application in life sciences. </p>


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