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Zhifu Han Ph.D.

1. Structural and functional studies of plant Malectin-like receptor kinases (the National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 31971119, 2020.01-2023.12)
2. Ligand recognition and activation mechanism of plant LRR receptor-like proteins in plant immunity (the National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 32171193, 2022.01- 2025.12)

(1) Han Zhifu (3/5) ; The structure and function of BRI1 receptor kinases, the 2nd Prize of National Natural Science of China in 2017(ranked 3rd) (Chai Jijie; Chang Junbiao; Han Zhifu; Li Lei; Song Chuanjun).
(2) Han Zhifu (4/10) ; Interaction between small molecules and proteins, the first prize of scientific and technological progress of Henan Province, 2016 (Chang Junbiao; Chai Jijie; Wang Ruiyong; Han Zhifu; Song Chuanjun; Yu Wenquan; Wu Jie; Wang Jizong; Lin Guangzhong).


1991-1996Shanxi Medical University B.S.

1997-2000Shanxi Medical University M.S.

2000-2003Peking Union Medical College Ph.D.

2004-2010National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing Research Assistant

2011-2017School of Life sciences, Tsinghua University Research Assistant

2017-PresentSchool of Life sciences, Tsinghua University Research Associate Professor

Main Reaearch Fields

Structural study of plant receptor-like kinases and NLR proteins.

Selected Publications

1.            C. Liu, L. Shen, Y. Xiao, D. Vyshedsky, C. Peng, X. Sun, Z. Liu, L. Cheng, H. Zhang, Z. Han, J. Chai, H. M. Wu, A. Y. Cheung, C. Li, Pollen PCP-B peptides unlock a stigma peptide-receptor kinase gating mechanism for pollination. Science 372, 171-175 (2021).

2.            M. Huang, X. Zhang, G. A. Toh, Q. Gong, J. Wang, Z. Han, B. Wu, F. Zhong, J. Chai, Structural and biochemical mechanisms of NLRP1 inhibition by DPP9. Nature 592, 773-777 (2021).

3.            S. Hou, D. Liu, S. Huang, D. Luo, Z. Liu, Q. Xiang, P. Wang, R. Mu, Z. Han, S. Chen, J. Chai, L. Shan, P. He, The Arabidopsis MIK2 receptor elicits immunity by sensing a conserved signature from phytocytokines and microbes. Nature communications 12, 5494 (2021).

4.            Y. Xiong, Z. Han, J. Chai, Resistosome and inflammasome: platforms mediating innate immunity. Current opinion in plant biology 56, 47-55 (2020).

5.            Y. Wang, L. A. Graham, Z. Han, R. Eves, A. K. Gruneberg, R. L. Campbell, H. Zhang, P. L. Davies, Carrot 'antifreeze' protein has an irregular ice-binding site that confers weak freezing point depression but strong inhibition of ice recrystallization. The Biochemical journal 477, 2179-2192 (2020).

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7.            S. Ma, D. Lapin, L. Liu, Y. Sun, W. Song, X. Zhang, E. Logemann, D. Yu, J. Wang, J. Jirschitzka, Z. Han, P. Schulze-Lefert, J. E. Parker, J. Chai, Direct pathogen-induced assembly of an NLR immune receptor complex to form a holoenzyme. Science 370,  (2020); published online EpubDec 4 (10.1126/science.abe3069).

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