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Primary Construction Objectives, Ideas and Research Direction


Direction 1: Development of New Cryo-EM Methods


Direction 2: Application of structural biology to explain fundamental rules governing life


A. Central dogma around fundamental biological processes

 ● Chromatin modification and structural regulation mechanism

 ● Research on complex regulation of gene expression spliceosome pathway and isoform splicing pathway

 ● Structural basis and molecular regulation mechanism of non-coding RNA 

B. Dynamic assembly and signal transduction of membrane system 

C. Structure and mechanism associated with major diseases

 ● Proteins related to Alzheimer's disease

 ● Cardiovascular disease (CVD)-related cholesterol metabolism and protein regulation pathway

 ● Ion channel proteins associated with cancer and neurological diseases

 ● Protein associated with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) 

D. Research on pathogenesis of highly infectious viruses and vaccine innovations